Light Weight Electric Wave Absorber Panel

1. Concept
- It is very light.
- It has stable electric wave absorption performance of the long time.
- It is perfect closed-cell foaming board.

2. Characteristic
1) Composition
- PVC, Mineral matter, Carbon.

2) Electric wave absorption
- It has performance to absorb the electric wave of the high frequency band.

3) Durability
- It has hardly deteriorated and high durability.
- It keeps the quality on condition of harsh weather.
- It has oiliness-resistant and medicine-resistant.
- It can keep performance for a long term.

4) Property to being processed
- Use of most adhesive is possible.
- It can facilitate cut and bend.

5) Safety
- It is incombustible. UL-94V-0
- Carbon is not scattered and clean.

3.Physical properties
Items Unit Numerical value
Density kg/m3 90±10
Compressive strength N/mm2 0.15
Flexural strength N/mm2 0.50
Tensile strength N/mm2 0.50
Heat conducting m2・s・Pa/ 0.05

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