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RockCell Board(RCB) Incombustibility Adiabatic Board
(Recycling raw materials)
Denboard Light Weight Electric Wave Absorber Panel

Management idea
By aggregate power of engineering development and everyone who excel it creates the individual commodity which designates environment as theme, in society, contributes to the rich life and community of the position member.

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Company Profile
I am greatly honored to have the opportunity to address this message to our customers.
Fuji Kasei Kogyo was established in 1966, and 8 years later the company started manufacturing "Rock Cell Board" which is foam calcium carbonate board used for thermal insulation.
"Rock Cell Board" is inorganic and non-combustible building material.
Our sales network directly connected with major sales agent throughout Japan have enabled the company to contribute to the stable development of thermal insulation industry.

Ten yeas later, the company imported the most advanced technology and began producing the first thermal insulation made out of calcium carbonate board throughout Japan with a brand name "Rock Cell Board".
We are willing to contribute to creation of safe and comfortable living environment.
We are determined that "Rock Cell Board" has a goal to contribute to the efficient use of natural resources and energy, and also to the conservation of global environment.

Harmonized Production with Global Environment:
We have been actively engaged in "Global Environmental "Issues" since our earliest days, and have successfully established various techniques and facilities which take into consideration the global environment.
These include an efficient technology for using rock cell board byproduct as a raw material, a recycling system collecting waste board from construction sites and the reuse of it at our plant.
We always aim to contribute developing our production systems with great consideration for the limited natural resources of the world, in order to maintain harmony with in the global environment.

Products Creating Healthy Living Environment:
Our corporate mission is to provide our customers and consumers with bringing Safety (Fire Resistance), Comfort(Thermal Insulation, Sound Insulation and Dump Proofing) and Durability (Protection of Exterior wall) to their living spaces.

We take pride in our vibrant human resources:
Fuji Kasei has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thermal insulation, with over 30 yeas of experience in the field.
This has been achieved through the considerable ongoing support we receive from our customers. We aim to continue providing high-quality product and services with honesty in the spirit of challenge.